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Escape Hatch Production is an independent publishing and distribution company for fictional writing. The company's vision is to allow independent thoughts from fictional writers to blossom. We dare to be different. With your support, we intend to support others to achieve their objectives. Enter the EHP chamber, and mentally withdraw from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. Please, enjoy the characters awaiting to be acknowledged by you. 

Escape hatch production
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Miraculously, twins emerged from the same amniotic sac. The embrace they displayed upon emergence was an extraordinary glimpse into the meaning of brotherhood.  Caseworkers were astounded as they witnessed the bond. As wards of the state, the twins were separated through adoptions. Life's different paths did nothing to sever the bond. Unique and Edward defy logic. The brother's ability to bring together people whose paths would never have crossed is phenomenal. Discover the true meaning of soulmates. 

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A tryst between two teens unleashes the discovery of an extraordinary encounter that began thousands of years prior. A discovery that captured the attention of the United States Department of Defense. Millions of taxpayer dollars secretly funded research into the phenomena. Mixed with human DNA, and intelligence, the creature sought to survive at all cost. How do they live amongst us undetected? What do they really want? Why us?

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Two youngsters from different walks of life become friends in the deep south. Racial unrest was at a boiling point. Too young to understand why or what was happening, the two were forced to discontinue their friendship. Lifestyles and events separated the two. Hard to break lessons were taught. Some lessons required experience to get the real meaning. Time has a way of teaching us all. An extraordinary intervention allowed the childhood friendship to cross paths years later. Witness the Crossroads...

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A nomadic tribe located in the tropical Amazon rainforest in Brazil is believed to have discovered natural properties that allow them the ability to return the deceased to life. For thousands of years this ancient tribe, known as 'Invisible People', have survived without external influence. The rule was broken and the outsiders were permitted a glimpse inside their world. Soon afterward, greed, murder, and betrayal followed...


The backdrop of this sordid tale takes place in Ohio. TWISTED is a street-lit, gritty, unfolding story of honor, deceit, love, hate, and murder. Finding the woman of his dreams, Anthony, an illegal street entrepreneur, gives up his lucrative lifestyle to possess her. Tyra, an innocent, beautiful, young woman untrained for life in the real world. A three-way love affair spirals out of control. A remarkable tale of adventure, suspense, and drama is rolled into an unforgettable story. 

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A nation-wide experiment is tested on United States citizens. The experiment is designed to infiltrate the Middle Eastern Taliban regime.The objective is to destroy the organization of terror from within. Scientists have developed a neurological ink that is delivered in the form of tattoos. The substance, when introduced into the human system, will alter the mind. The concept is phenomenal. The project is called i-Ink; an untraceable weapon. A massive conspiracy unfolds as the truth surfaces. The project i-Ink must be protected at all costs. All inquirers must be terminated. No exceptions. TATTOO will make you question your body art...

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Robert Carter was exposed to a deadly job-related disease. An affliction his employer refused to recognize as being the contributor. Robert is left to raise twins. He finds himself having to face a difficult dilemma. He is forced to choose between moral values or family security. This chilling story uncovers untold truths of what happens when money supersedes health in the medical profession. A fast-paced, unforgettable thriller.

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Colton Jacobson, a young, enthusiastic computer genius. His entire existence is lived inside the world of computers. His dream is to make his mother proud. Mischievously, Colton creates a deadly project. With the use of pilfered items and blueprints, Colton designs the ultimate toys. That is what the authorities perceived them to be. The plan goes wrong. A domino effect of events occurs. Using his cyber skills, Colton inflicts revenge on all those involved in the mishap. Using calculated measures, Colton executes vengeance. Greed takes part in this, strategic, sordid plot. In the mix of it all, Leslie Brenner, a student at the same school, becomes attracted to Colton. The law of attraction is strong. Their first-time encounter at a relationship fuels a rollercoaster of events. Truly a love story with jagged edges...


Hopeful to receive exploratory optical surgeries, four blind people are faced with an unimaginable, frightening experience. An aircraft en route to transport the group for the experiments loses control and crashes on mountainous terrain. The sole survivors of this horrific accident are the visually impaired occupants. In the uncharted wilderness, the group must compromise to survive the devastating ordeal. Corporate greed fuels this survivalist novel.



Who would have thought that Thomas is the chosen one? A peculiar boy emerges from a chemically toxic womb into a world of uncertainty. After a staggering start, Thomas is recognized by medical professionals to have inherited an abnormal biological trait; an uncommon abnormality. He is favored upon for research. Thomas suffers a reaction. In the aftermath, he realizes he is endowed with a special gift. News of his ability becomes public knowledge. Cynical characters emerge on the scene with diabolical thoughts of greed.

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During one of the greatest social unrest the world has ever witnessed, peaceful and violent protests continue to build momentum. The fulcrum of America's democracy is at a tipping point. America's violent history against people of color resurface. A city located in Texas is the focal point for this sordid tale. The discovery of an esoteric organization of white supremacist police officers are mistakingly uncovered. The group has members across America. It is said to be the lifeline to perpetuate the killings of Black Americans by white police officers. A countermeasure is activated with the use of the information. The intent of the counteraction is to achieve equality on the playing field. Nothing is what it seems. The key rule cannot be overlooked...'A house divided cannot stand.'

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Russell Quarterman knew he wanted to be a lawyer since a youngster. He was amazed at the power the position held. Through the eyes of a child, he watched a verdict literally destroy his family. With misguided views of rules and regulations, Russell Quarterman became known for being graceful as a ballerina on a dance floor. Only, his arena was in the courtroom. The clientele he attracted were mostly criminal elements. His imagination for circumventing the rules was magical. An interim was hired as an assistant and paralegal without a thorough background check. A grave miscalculation that changed Russell's life forever.
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Luther will do anything to keep his family together. Sometimes, you have to return to the same places you fought to escape. Sometimes, your roots are all you really have. Luther finds a lottery ticket in an unsuspected place. Hoping the gains would bring joy, he realizes it brought the complete opposite. Through life's journey, Luther is left with only his faith. Will that be enough to save his family?
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During an out-of-control rage of jealousy, Gordon became a fugitive. On the run for his life, the unpredictable journey leads him into unimagined situations. Gordon encounters a fortune of cash. Hoping the proceeds will bring joy, he discovers money only add more problems. The money leaves a trail of destruction. Gordon is forced to unravel the mystery of the fortune before it consumes him and his loved ones.

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Enter the world of Rick and Brandy. Two souls who defy the odds to be together. Rick is recently released from federal custody. During his prison stay, Rick encountered a notorious group of individuals. Rick and Brandy are introduced to professional plotters. Together they take on great risks to accomplish a goal. Rick and Brandy are left with only the love they share. Will it be enough to survive the aftermath?

A crafted work of art was created by a traveling Gypsy. The painting was designed to protect. When wrong was done to the creator and his family, a gruesome outcome ensued. The special artwork was discovered by travelers years later. The painting was passed through generations. The depictions of the portrait changed as different experiences evolved. Greed comes with a price tag. The painting displays no remorse for the unjust. For the righteous, a spark of light shines through its mysterious collaboration of colors.

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Deadly Trade-off Cover.jpg
A new viral disease has arisen in the United States. It is recognized in the medical world as the deadliest strain of HIV ever to mutate. The characteristics of this virus coincide with Covid-19. The virus' molecular structure, and intelligence of the disease, have the scientific community baffled. The new strain can render its victims death in a short time span. The virus doesn't respond to any antibiotics known to man. Every knowledgeable fact is learned from general public experimental trials.
     Six characters from different lifestyles are infected with the deadly virus. They become united because of it. In a race against time to find a cure and a reason to survive, they are led through a web of life-threatening ordeals.
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Created from actual events. Jeanette Baptist is a survivor of Haiti's natural disaster. A lone survivor left to deal with the aftermath. An idea developed and changed her world forever. A soon-to-be-retired truck driver is placed in a situation that changes his life forever when the two collide. Ted Walters, an American citizen, is not afraid to challenge the injustice of bureaucracy.
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Alvin Ellis returns home from two tours of active duty in Iran. He is happy to be in the United States. Civilian life is not quite what he expected. With a rare find on his property, Alvin is forced to defend his home and family. Word gets out about his find. With the help of his military buddies, they masterfully unite for a confrontation against criminal forces. Seedy characters emerge with selfish desires to possess wealth. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Neither will Alvin.

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Brian Knight was raised with a peculiar set of skills. His skills took him around the globe. He saved a woman in distress. The two became lovers. The bond they shared deepened over time. During a business trip, Brian met an attractive woman on a flight to New York. He and the strange woman took on a long distant relationship. A twist of fate changed their future. A phenomenon occurred that could never have been foreseen. What are the chances?
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     EHP is dedicated to bringing readers entertaining and delightful stories. EHP is making a difference in the lives of future authors. We believe in giving people a chance to express themselves. EHP respects your opinions and views; they are deeply appreciated. Please contact EHP. We look forward to hearing from you.

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